Social responsibility

NU recruitment was started as a direct response to the war in Ukraine.

The entrepreneurs behind the company were moved to action by the brutality of the invasion and the plight of the Ukrainian nation and its people. We initially contributed as private persons, both through monetary donations and spreading the cause in social media and among our network. These individual actions felt inadequate, and they did not take full advantage of the resources at our disposal.


The initial founders and supporters have professional, personal and educational backgrounds in social issues. These range from work with vulnerable and marginalised groups, including victims of government neglect and abuse – to mental health work, LGBT+ issues, debt-management, and youth work.

We have contacts in Ukraine, and one of the founders was about to start a business venture there when the war hit.

There is also a personal element: We have through our own life and through family gained experience in integrating in new countries – and the particular challenges faced by intra-european migrants.


We believe employment and income provide security, a social network in the new country, and will maintain and increase the skills of the individual.

Our pricing is competitive to provide employers with an incentive to hire from our pool of candidates.


NU Recruitment spend more time on our candidates than in a typical recruitment process. This to find good matches with employers, but also to take care with candidates less familiar with the Norwegian systems.

Our partner Stiftelsen Rettferd has long experience in guiding people through rights and institutions in Norway and provide our legal expertise.


An individual is not an island. By providing any single person with resources in the form of knowledge, skills, support, and financial security we create ripples in their community and network. The person becomes a hub for transfer of knowledge and social support that strenghetens the entire group.

Marginalised groups

Some arriving refugees will have one or more other minority backgrounds that are subject to discrimination, and specific protections under Norwegian law.

The arriving Ukrainians have an overrepresentation of women and young people, with specific family-related needs – and rights – in norwegian working life.

Here at NU Recruitment we are aware of these challenges and take special care to include candidates from ethnic or religious minorities, the LGBT community, disabled, and other protected categories.